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Our team is made up of bilingual translators, because we are adamant believers that a translator should translate only into their native language. This is how we ensure the highest quality of our work.



We provide qualified interpreters with impeccable personal manner and interpersonal skills for conferences, seminars, business meetings, negotiations, training, events, etc.



We provide comprehensive technical support for simultaneous interpretation throughout Poland. The company we work with has one of the most advanced systems on the market.



Lemon Field was created through hard work, perfectionism and a love for languages.

We are a translation agency specialising in just a few languages. We offer professional translation and interpretation services as well as comprehensive conference services for institutions and companies.
Languages are our passion! We believe that by translating we change the world. This is why translation quality is so important to us. Our team consists of professional translators and interpreters with many years of experience, and translations are carried out only by native speakers.

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3 reasons why you should choose us

Jesteśmy wyspecjalizowani

We are specialised

Our narrow language specialisation allows us to carefully select
translators and interpreters. Thanks to this, you will receive high quality services.   

Kochamy to, co robimy

We love what we do

We are devoted to what we do and want to contribute to improved communication between cultures. This is the foundation of high-quality work.   

Można na nas polegać

You can rely on us

While you are sleeping peacefully, we are translating or preparing for interpretation projects. You will receive translations on time, and we won't disappoint you during a conference.


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  • Ministerstwo Gospodarki
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