We are passionate. We are conscientious. We are experienced.

Lemon Field is an ambitious group of experienced translators and interpreters. These are respectable graduates of prestigious universities.

Translation is not only our job, but our life. We translate because we love what we do and want to contribute to better communication between cultures. And that's why our work is of the highest quality.

In other words – we do what we're best at.

We place client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. Our greatest joy is their thanks for a thorough, careful translation or interpretation. 

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What we do

We place great emphasis on diligence and timeliness. We strive to quickly respond to queries, advise our clients and provide them with a clear quote. While translating, we focus on quality and precision. We dissect the text and then put it back together again. We don't translate just the sentences themselves; we convey the message. What matters is the style, nature of the text and emotions. We adapt the content to the target culture. For us, translation is an art.

What we don't do

We don't miss deadlines. We don't take on projects that don't fall within our expertise. We prefer to turn down a job and refer our client to our competition than to deliver a poor translation. We don't translate 70 pages overnight, because we are well aware that this would be detrimental to the quality. In other words – we don't promise something that we are unable to deliver. At the same time, we care about our reputation, and that of our clients.


We treat all data as confidential. At the request of a client, we delete any received information at the conclusion of a project. We are also willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

We help those who help others

We help those who help others

Are you a charity? Do you require translation services to be able to continue helping others? Let us know! We will gladly support your work.

We have an international network of bilingual translators who are willing to help you in their spare time.

Are you interested? Contact us!

Charities we have helped include:

Platforma Równych Szans Foundation

Karan Foundation

Kinderpalast Wiesbaden, Germany


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