Interpretation requires the interpreter to not only be proficient in a foreign language, but also to have an excellent memory and be resistant to stress. That's why we provide qualified interpreters with impeccable personal manner and interpersonal skills for conferences, seminars, business meetings, negotiations, training, events, etc. They are graduates of prestigious universities, and their skills have been repeatedly proven during various interpreting projects.

Types of interpretation

Tłumaczenia konsekutywne

Consecutive interpretation

Interpreting segments. The speaker pauses during his speech to allow the interpreter to render the given segment into the target language. Consecutive interpretation is best for negotiations, business meetings, press conferences and training.
Tłumaczenie symultaniczne

Simultaneous interpretation

Interpretation carried out using specialist equipment while the speaker is speaking. This usually requires two interpreters. This method is used during international conferences, congresses and meetings with foreign guests. Simultaneous interpretation is the most demanding form of interpretation

Whispered interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation during which the interpreter interprets in a soft voice as the speaker is speaking. This type of interpretation occurs without the use of specialist equipment and is suitable only for a small number of people.

The choice of the type of interpretation and the appropriate interpreter depends on the meeting. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us – we will gladly advise you.

Selected projects:

  •  International Conference: 'Meetings with famous scientists – a practical dimension of science' for the Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship
  • Conference - 'Investments in social policy, outlays and costs of omissions, Polish and international experiences'
  • Conference for the Business Centre Club – EU Funds
  • Press conference – Stem Cells - Poland and the World
  • Interpretation for the Ministry of Economy in Bełchatów
  • Conference for the Centre for Education Development
  • Swatch Group Poland training
  • Conference for the Ministry of Health - Healthy and active population ageing

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